Maple with Exotics - Chopping Block

Beautiful maple end-grain accented with purple heart, padauk and yellow heart gives this board a distinctive pattern. It's strength and beauty give this board heirloom quality. With proper care, it is designed to last for many generations.

This board has a 14" x 16" cutting surface. We have made the chopping block with a 1 1/2" thickness for durability, stability and heft. This cutting board will not slide around like a flimsy, thinner board. Two sides are designed with finger insets to allow you to move this large board with ease. All edges have been gently rounded to eliminate sharp edges.

The Chopping Block
Chosen Stone's premium quality cutting board created for heavy use and with an artistic flair. Our end grain chopping blocks are built with the same sturdy reliability that butchers have insisted upon for centuries. The end grain provides stability and balance to the cutting board while at the same time giving it a distinctive pattern caused by the arrangement of growth rings and variant color tones.

Chopping blocks are the easiest on cutting edges of fine cutlery. If keeping a knife sharpened to the keenest of sharpness is important to you, look no further than our finely crafted chopping blocks. Because of the grain orientation in the construction of the chopping blocks, the knife cuts into the end grain instead of across the harder long grain. This maintains the razor thin edge on a finely honed, quality piece of cutlery. If you have invested in quality steel for your knives, treat them to the gentlest of cutting surfaces.

All of our chopping blocks can be ordered with optional legs. These legs are constructed of the same material as the primary wood of the board itself. We use a rubber bumper and dress it up with a round wooden cover to enhance the appearance of the board. These legs raise the board off the surface, ensuring that the bottom of the board remains dry. This prevents potential damage caused by sitting on a wet surface for prolonged periods of time.

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