In Loving Memory of her Father

June 03, 2017 1 Comment

In Loving Memory of her Father

I love making these custom pieces that have deeper sentimental meaning.  Terri contacted me regarding a custom board that she wanted me to make.  From the onset of our conversation, it was very clear to me that this board had deeper meaning than ‘just’ a cutting board.

 “I am trying to custom make”, Terri said, “my father's old chopping block (he passed away in April) and it was given away.”  From this I was made to see that this board, if done right, would have a deep connection for Terri.  This brings greater purpose to my work.  I love the craft when it touches someone’s life.  That is why I love the craft of woodworking.  Making something meaningful to enhance a memory or just bring about the sense of satisfaction of something that is well made.

 Upon receiving Terri’s description of her father’s old chopping block, I set to work to create a piece that would extend past the utilitarian and become a treasured family heirloom.  I believe I accomplished my mission after reading a reply from Terri: 

 “I received my custom cutting block/board from you and I absolutely LOVE it!  You did a fine job and the craftsmanship etc. is excellent.  My dad was an Aerospace Engineer and later became a Quality Assurance Engineer and he would have been delighted by your beautiful work.
I will be referring your business to my friends and I will most likely purchase more products from you as I have my eye on a walnut cutting board too. 

I LOVE MY new board it reminds me of my Pop and I loved him so much!
Thank you Wayne again.”

 No monetary value can be put on meeting the deeper sentiments of another person. No greater fulfillment can come to a craftsman than that!

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Terri Varela
Terri Varela

June 14, 2017

Exactly the board my father had. Totally replicated, duplicated the way I remember it.

Thank you. Thank you Wayne.

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