HURRY, take a picture this thing is heavy!

July 27, 2017 1 Comment

HURRY, take a picture this thing is heavy!

Recently a local customer asked me to make a custom board for their kitchen.  Their present cutting board had worn out and they were in need of a replacement.  They were looking for something to last a 'lifetime'.  At 22"x28" with a thickness of 3", this is one large board! 

This board was crafted out of walnut, cherry and maple. The combination makes a stunningly beautiful board.  A thickness of 3" makes for a substantial and durable chopping block.  This will surely last a lifetime with proper care.  Makes me smile to think of the loads of vegetables that this board will slice and dice!

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Gayle Capretz
Gayle Capretz

August 21, 2017

Wayne has told you part of the story behind this particular chopping block, but if you’re interested I’ll tell you more of the story. If you are not interested in the story I will just say WOW and you can stop here. I am a vendor at the Viroqua farmers market and a neighbor vender (Wayne) drew me to their stand as I was continuously compelled to view their gorgeous woodwork. It is simply stunning! My partner Jim (who is the baker and much better cook then I) listened to my ravings about them every time I came home from the market. We were ready to replace our hard worn cutting board. Jim had some specific dimensions he was interested in for a cutting board to replace ours and last our lifetimes, but he’s also an artist and when I got a quote from a couple of different vendors at market his reaction was “Well I’d have to see them before I would buy one”. I however knowing him and the fact he would not ever make it to the market on time to even talk to the venders took the plunge and ordered the one Wayne made for me in the most beautiful wood pattern that I kept going back to look at. I would have gotten a thinner board, but his recommendation of this size for the dimensions I requested was for three inches and I took his recommendation as our intention is to never have to replace this again in our lifetimes and as the woodworker his knowledge was key. So I ordered it without Jim’s viewing and brought it home as a surprise. The surprise was a little muted when I had to asked him to help carry it in from the car, but he was thrilled. It was so beautiful that It took us almost a week or two before we started using it for it’s intended purpose, but it is a beautiful addition to our kitchen and we will be using it and enjoying the beauty of it for the rest of our lives. Keep up the beautiful work, Wayne, and many thanks for your lovely work.

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