Coconut Cake Roll and Monterey Serving Board Feature

March 20, 2018

Coconut Cake Roll and Monterey Serving Board Feature

  Happy March everyone! It's hard to believe that March is well over half gone already and before we know it April will be upon us. For those of us that live in Southwest WI, the weather has been teasing us about spring coming. The temps have been a little chilly, but the sunshine has been wonderful! I'm so excited to see tulips and apple blossoms some day in the near future! 

  All that to say, with Easter coming up, warm weather or no, I had a craving for a snowy white coconut cake roll.There are SO MANY different combinations that you can do when it comes to cake roll.The sky is the limit! I have visions of a luscious Lemon, a sweet creamy carrot and my all time favorite Chocolate/ Peanut Butter rolling out soon. But, I decided coconut would be the first to take the stage. Actually, I did make a Chocolate Mint Chip roll, but that's another story for another day. . .

The honors for the cake recipe go to Pat at I could hardly believe how easy it was to roll this cake. In my previous experience with cake rolls, I have had issues with cracking and crumbling, but not this time. I had a lovely experience! I changed up the filling recipe though. I did more of a cream cheese icing and I love how it turned out. Smooth and creamy, yet not gooey or sloppy. 

 Our Monterey serving board made the perfect display for this white cake roll showered with shredded coconut. We offer two different sizes of this board and I chose the largest so that there would be plenty of room for the crumbs and left behind coconut ( if there would be such a thing:)

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